Get the Market Leaders in Hardwood Floor Installation

If you want to ensure that your house looks great with a dab of class and some real character, then you should consider hardwood floor installation. This would be good for any part of the house.Engineered parquet floor - PITAYA - DESIGN PARQUET - solid / glued /  floating

Four specific materials are used for the flooring, with three types of flooring available. These include laminated, vinyl, parquet and bamboo. You can get them in plank or strip format.

Parquet is great if you want to have some really interesting designs. Its greatest strength is in the area of symmetry and geometric shapes. You almost get the feeling you are looking at a work of art thanks to the manner in which one can be really creative.

Planks and strips are the second and third options open to you. Both of these employ lengthy flooring boards in order to achieve their effect. There is just a slight difference in that the planks are broader than their strip counterparts.

When it comes to the installation of all of these different types, there are various methods that are used.

Parquet is generally installed using a very strong glue. Planks and strips are longer so glue would not work as well. In these cases then, you would use nails and screws to secure the boards. You do not have to worry that these will look ugly because you can get wooden plugs to cover the screws or the nails.

You might wonder why the installation team will leave a small space between boards. This is done to ensure that the flooring has a long life time and you must not think that the team has not done their work properly, on the contrary. The space is called an expansion gap and makes sure that the wood can flex and contract as required. It generally does this according to the temperature and humidity of the air around it.

Wood utilized for hardwood flooring is always graded and you must check for this as a client. This is a process that is used by wood manufacturers as means of determining what the wood will look like. This really has to do with the part of the tree that the wood has come from as different parts will result in a variety of looks. Tree types also have an influence and you will see a clear difference between an oak and a pine tree for example.

When you have completed the flooring installation, it is a good idea to make sure that you put a finish on the wood. This makes sure that you are going to protect the floor against the elements and the affects of dirt and normal traffic on the floor. You can choose a surface or penetrating finish. Each has different merits.

You will probably find that wood is more expensive than other flooring options. But it really is a good investment. This is due to the fact that you get a unique sense of style and elegance that comes from a hard wood floor and there is also a greater feeling of warmth from this type of feature as well. You can increase the warmth of a wood floor, just by adding a rug or carpet to the mix.

Even though you might think that hardwood Parkiet parquet floor installation is more difficult than other options, it is definitely worth the effort. With the right people and making sure you have the best design, you will soon feel as if you have a whole new house to come home to.


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