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It’s a circumstance that nobody wants to be in, but something that an DUI attorney can help with. Being pulled over at the side of the road and waiting for the police to walk up to the window and pondering if you’ve had too much to drink. It is true that there are instances when one is aware that they’re over the limit and they shouldn’t drive, but for other times it’s hard to determine how much was too much. Of course , the right answer is none and that should be the case if someone has something to drink, there should be an authorized driver or taxi. But in the real world this doesn’t always happen though and you’re back driving, trying to figure out if you’re above the legal limit. But before dui lawyer orange county Officer Friendly makes it to you window there are a number of things that a DUI attorney wants you to consider.

Avoid Field Sobriety Tests

What you say will not help your case in court. There is a reason they state “anything you say could be used against you” but not “anything you say could be used to aid you” No one has or will ever speak to police that will make their situation better. It is recommended to stick to the basics like your name and address, and to provide your driver’s license and registration request and to stay silent to any other questions. You should not answer the question as to whether or not you were drinking or how much you have consumed. When asked to count backwards or use the alphabet, or walk straight, do not perform it. These tests are intended to show how inebriated you are not how capable of functioning. These tests are performed since they are difficult to complete sober, and extremely difficult to accomplish when you’re drunk. Your DUI attorney is aware what the result of these tests are solely based on the impressions of the officer. Do not be rude and ask instead that if you’re in custody, you be taken to the station or hospital for testing your blood alcohol level.

Comply To The Breathalyzer

While it is certain that field sobriety tests are not an accurate measure of intoxication, blood alcohol content is an established legal benchmark. There are severe consequences when a person fails the test but there are far more severe ramifications for refusing. Any good DUI attorney will be capable of minimizing the consequences of a test showing that their client exceeded the legal limit but it is almost impossible to contest mandatory penalties in the event of a refusal.

Pick Up The Phone

Call your DUI attorney as soon as you have. They are knowledgeable and highly skilled in representing this kind of case. Drunk driving is a major mistake and it should not be the kind of thing you want to have to deal with and it could end up being more serious if you do not have good representation. As always, make sure you speak with a expert in your locale to get the advice that is most appropriate for you since laws differ from one place to another region.

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