Perfect skin in winter season tips

Winter is a wonderful season in our hot and moist climate. This is why we don’t pay enough heed to protect our skin during winter, when we have oily skin. It is a common misconception that oily skin does not need any protection from the harsh cold winter which isn’t the case. Similar to dry and normal type of skin, oily needs cleansing, toning, exfoliation and hydration to stay healthy. In the winter months, oily skin can become dry and rough , leading to the formation of black and white heads. Sometimes, acne is a major issue during winter.

In the winter months the glands that produce sebaceous oil don’t stop releasing extra oil. NAD + Face Serum  Thus, we should not stop our daily skin-care routine but readjust it to keep looking radiant and healthy. It is important to adhere to some essential winter skin-care tips for oily skin.



Our face must be washed every two times using lukewarm or warm water. a gel-based cleanser, or face wash. It gets rid of the oil and dirt and makes our skin clean. After that , we can take care to wipe it off using a a clean towel.


It is recommended to use a water-based moisturizer or face lotions meant especially specifically for skin that is oily after we wash it frequently. It assists in maintaining the oil balance without that grease-like feel. It is also recommended to use an oil-based moisturizer or night-cream and then leave it on for a night as it protects against dryness.

Remove the dead cells

We must do face-skin exfoliation every week at least two times to have a more clear skin. It also assists in getting rid of black heads as well as white heads. But we must choose the scrub using a gel base that has small granules that are enhanced with Vitamin E.


It is common to make use of hot showers in the winter months, which leads to dryness of our skin. To make up for this we can add drops of tea tree oil to the hot water frequently to maintain the equilibrium of moisture as well as to soften our skin. It is also possible to use body wash or soap enriched with tea-tree oil for more effective results.


Healthy and glowing skin is not just a result of external care, but also requires protection from within, which is a result of living a disciplined and disciplined lifestyle. It is essential to drink plenty of water to hydrate our skin in winter and eat lots of juicy fruits. The anti-oxidants and vitamins in fruits help to nourish our skin.

The above winter skin-care tips for oily skin should be adhered to in order to maintain a glowing complexion even when the mercury drops. We should follow them for a more breathable and healthy-looking complexion as healthy skin is an asset that not only enhances our beauty but also helps us feel more confident in our appearance.

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