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If you are looking for a powerful mobile phone then you should consider buying the Vivo Y21. The device has been designed to compete with the likes of the iPhone and Android handsets in terms of power, design and performance. As the cheapest smartphone in its vivo y21 class, the Y20 boasts all the latest mobile phone capabilities at a fraction of the price. If you are looking to buy Vivo Y21 online, you should keep in mind that this smartphone comes in a variety of colors. Find out what the color options are for this device so that you know what to choose.

Price and availability The cost of this handset will come as little surprise to those who have seen it in action. At present, Vivo Y21 is priced at an affordable rate which will not leave a hole in your pocket. In addition, the smartphone comes loaded with features which make it stand out among other similar handsets. Apart from the high-end specifications, the Vivo Y21 offers stylish looks and a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use.

Display, sound and camera The Vivo Y21 has a full-HD screen and an attractive design which makes it a pleasant to look at. The handset also comes equipped with a six. 1951-inch HD capacitive touchscreen which glows white when on standby mode and black when the screen is on. The device also features a two mega-apixel camera which can be used to capture video clips and photographs. On the back, there is a fingerprint sensor which allows the user to enter a PIN code to access the built-in dialer. The phone also features a large 3000 mah battery and it offers fast charge and offers extended talk time which ensures you don’t face any problem if you are on the move.

Rear camera setup The Vivo Y21 has a standard camera setup which includes a front and rear camera which are placed in a metallic frame which provides a stylish look. In terms of video recording, the phone has an HDMI port which supports the High Definition format. The HD camera also allows the user to capture videos and photos in an anti-shake mode. The anti-shake mechanism helps eliminate blurring in videos and photos taken using the rear camera. This mechanism also allows the person to control the speed of the video in order to capture moving scenes.

Hardware The physical design of the Y series starts off with its sleek metallic build which has a bezel that does not end at the edge of the screen. You can buy vivo y21 online from a number of retailers which offers the device at competitive prices. It also comes with two variants – one with a QWERTY keyboard and another one with a fingerprint sensor for added security measures. The android operating system of the smartphone has been certified by the manufacturing company Samsung and this enables the users to enjoy faster performance.

Software You can get the device with the software upgrade which improves the functioning of the phone. With the improvement in the software, you can use the phone without the charger and can enjoy fast charging. You can also use the Google Places, Google Maps, Gmail, and Hangouts on the vivo y 21. This smartphone also comes with a premium sound quality and the text messaging features are above average when compared to other mobiles in the current market. With a device such as the Vivo Y 21, you do not need to look far to find an answer to all your questions.

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