The IQOS HEETS do a great job.

For people who have previously smoked combustible cigarettes or e-cigarettes, the IQOS HEETS is a unique performer. The device is really easy to construct and operate. You can just change the HEETS; there are no airflow or power settings available.IQOS 2.4 Kit White Holder, Charger | Village

This device doesn’t emit any smoke at all, so if you’re searching for some clouds, you’ll be disappointed. Despite this, the gadget is successful at producing flavour since it functions similarly to conventional cigarettes but does not produce smoke. This e-liquid also offers a pleasant throat impact, which most tasters find to be rather impressive.


  • The moment you take it from the package, it is working.
  • The pocket charger allows you to use your holder for longer periods of time between charges.
  • It’s compact and light, making it convenient to carry everywhere.

Because it does not burn any ingredients, this approach is safe for all kinds of tobacco users.

Additionally, the IQOS HEETS is equipped with a handy pocket charger that can be used to store and recharge the holder. With the ability to recharge the pocket charger, you can keep puffing on HEETS for a long time without having to worry about running out of juice.

When the battery needs to be recharged, the four LED lights on your pocket charger will glow. You can tell whether your battery is fully charged if all four LED lights are on; if just three lights are on this means that your battery is only 75% charged. You have a 50% charge if you have two lights on, and a 25% charge if you just have one light on.

In addition, it is necessary to do routine maintenance on the heater. Cleaning the IQOS heater is your responsibility once you have stopped smoking on it. When the light turns orange, it’s time to start cleaning the device.


The introduction of the heets iqos vape system comes at a time when most businesses are looking for ways to minimise tobacco use among their employees. Because it uses tobacco, the device might be a competitor to vape pens.


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