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There are several ways of categorizing cigars: size, shape, strength, their country of origin, and the way they are made (hand-rolled vs. machine). The most common way to categorize a cigar is by size, which is the cigar’s length in inches and ring size (cigar diameter) measured in 64ths of an inch. There is actually a name associated with each length and ring size and these are the cigar names that you may be familiar with. Corona, Panatela, Torpedo, Toro, Churchill, Perfecto, Cigarillo, Lonsdale, Robusto, and the largest of them all, Giant. The Giant style of cigar is 9 inches in length with a ring size of 52!

Colors, Shapes, and Hand-Rolled

After choosing a cigar based on size, you can start to whittle down your choices by choosing the color of the exterior wrapper color (there are more than 100 different wrapper shades!) and the shape of the cigar. Flared, tapered, pyramid are the basic shapes. And don’t buy the cheapest cigar — hand-rolled cigars should be your only choice. No one can ever appreciate the true joy of cigar smoking with a machine-made cigar. Don’t best handheld pool vacuum even spend the money.

Start with Mild-Flavored Cigars

If your gift is for an aspiring cigar connoisseur, start by buying one of several different sizes/styles of cigars at your local tobacconist. Choose mild cigars at first and work your way up to stronger flavors. Here are the benefits of starting with mild cigars: they generally cost less than stronger cigars and you won’t lose as much money as your beloved learns how to cut the ends appropriately, learns the best way to light them, and learns the best way to store them at home. You will be surprised at how quickly they dry out if not properly contained. It’s a learned art!

Get the Most Out of Your Cigars

Here is what long-time cigar enthusiasts recommend about smoking and enjoying cigars. This is also useful stuff to relate to the profoundly happy recipient of your gift:

o There are many types of cigars. Experiment with new sizes and flavors.

o Don’t inhale cigar smoke when puffing and keep the smoke in your mouth for the shortest length of time.

o Unless you buy your cigars in single sticks that were stored in a humidor, age your cigars by stripping off all packaging and placing them in a humidor for a few months before smoking. Do not store your cigars in the refrigerator because it will dry them out.

o Throw away partially smoked cigars–do not put a stinky used cigar in your humidor!

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