Using a Suitcase Generator During a Blackout

Have you ever experienced a power outage? Experiencing a blackout can seem a little overwhelming when you’re searching for a new source of energy and add inconvenience to your life. Thankfully, there are products and resources such as a suitcase generator that can provide you with more than enough power for your equipment and needs.Bagworld Australia | Shop | Viewing CAT Turbo Medium 65cm Hardside Suitcase  Red 83088

A suitcase generator provides a backup power source not only during a camping trip, but also during a crisis. These generators are easy to carry, easy to use and can be used both inside and outside of the home electric wheelchair. Suitcase generators can provide energy to power your light source, cooking needs and even entertainment. When choosing a new, compact generator, be sure to review what types of inverters are used and its power output. Generators are available in various degrees of horsepower, from 2hp to 8hp, so be sure to choose a generator that can supply power to even your largest appliances, if necessary.

The inverters used in inverter-based suitcase generators combine the use of high end technology and microprocessors to provide clean and quiet AC output. These types of generators are great for mobile power and telecommuting needs and can be used to power mobile devices like cell phones, PDAs and laptops. Inverter generators are great for the family or executive man who needs to communicate rapidly during a crisis. Keeping an inverter based generator in your car is a great way to be prepared if you are ever lost or experience engine failure. A car can provide enough power to your mobile devices and mp3 players, but when in need of a major power source, this type of suitcase generators is your best bet.

Before using a suitcase generator it is important to learn about the hazards and risks of using one. Although these tools offer power and convenience, there are several risk factors which should be known and considered when choosing the right suitcase generator.

Carbon Monoxide: CO2 is both invisible and odorless, so be sure to follow basic precautionary measures to make sure you’re not a victim of C02 poisoning when using a suitcase generator. Be sure to use gasoline fired generators in open spaces. Confined spaces allow for CO2 to flood your surroundings quickly. Use proper ventilation methods and open space to assure the safety and quality of your generator

Electrical Fire: Don’t forget that a suitcase generator is an electrical device. Avoid using liquids near your generator to avoid short-circuits and failure of the machine. Electricians and other specialists are usually not around during a crisis, so make sure to monitor the electrical safety and operation of your generator wisely. Also be sure to properly connect and not plug your generator into a wall socket back feeding. Connecting your generator to a wall socket, may seem like a great idea but is a prime risk of electrocution. So be wise, and be careful

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