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Women constitute the biggest portion of people who decide to buy a car by themselves. Also, regardless of whether you’re with your boyfriend, your husband or your dad, the fact is that over 80% of all the time, female takes the final decision even if the vehicle is not for her. These are facts. It’s advantageous to have other information in mind when going to a dealership to buy a vehicle. Armed with said facts, you’ll be able to have a less stressful experience and you’ll come away with the car you want at a good price without spending an entire day trying to achieve it. I’m aware of. I was in the business world and was aware of all the tactics that ‘old automobile dealers (and the employees they employ) utilize to intimidate women customers. Sadly their customers have never thought that women are not as naive or helpless as they might have been in another time. This is certainly to your advantage.

Before I continue I believe it’s crucial to explain why I decided to market cars. For one thing, the majority of people are as enthralled by car salesmen certificate of conformity like they’re of putting the cactus in their fingers. What’s the reason anyone would want to make money selling cars? It was because I was exhausted of watching my friends, sisters and various other gals get ripped off. And I was sure that I could do better than most of the bozos that I’d seen on different lots that were using those tired old’slick’ words and smiling all the way to the bank. One could say that I was on an assignment. I spent 4 years selling cars, quite successfully I might add, and just quit because it became clear my perception that I wasn’t changing the way things were done. It was clear that the Old School Boys Club was established and I was not likely to change it. What I did alter what I did change was how women I know currently purchase their vehicles. In other words, I learned about business and now utilize my knowledge to help others. It’s a great feeling which means that all the hours I devoted was well worth the payoff. To help you I’ll be sharing what I learned in an effort to help YOU make the purchase of a car less stressful.


There’s plenty of information available via the Internet that can assist in your decision-making process and reduce the time you’ll need to spend in the dealership. These sites like Edmunds and KBB (Kelly Blue Book) can provide you with exact prices on dealership and retail prices and also reviews on the vehicle of interest. is a great resource for reviewing used cars, Edmunds is both new and used cars. It is also possible to get assistance from Costco when you happen to be a member. They offer a great buyers plan that allows you to know prior to your visit to the dealership how much you’ll pay for the vehicle that you’ve decided to purchase. This means you can avoid all the ‘negotiating or bargaining. Most dealerships that allow Costco deals have a salesperson who works with those customers and you can even make an appointment in order to reduce the amount of time you’re at. It’s quite handy. If you’re not lucky enough to have the privilege of being a Costco member but you are able to organize things ahead of time by doing your own research regarding the car you want and then calling the dealership to set up an appointment with their Internet Sales person. But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

To begin, determine the things you’d like to get. If you’re trying to decide between several vehicles put aside a couple of hours during the week (if it’s possible) to visit every dealership and test drive the different vehicles. I suggest week days instead of weekends as there’s generally less activity in the dealerships during week, and you can move in and out quickly. Depending on the state in the state you reside in, it could be necessary to present your driver’s license so they can take a photocopy of it. Some states actually require the dealership to keep your license on file (insurance liability, for instance) and you need to permit them to do this. You can inquire with your local DMV for the laws in your state. If you must allow the photocopier to copy it, GO WITH THE SALESPERSON who is doing this. Why? because I’ve witnessed more than one manager trying at keeping the driver’s license in his possession in an attempt to keep the purchaser in the dealer. As stupid as this sounds I’ve witnessed it happen.

You’ve toured the cars you’re considering and reduced it to two. The next step is determining which car is going to be the most value for money. Visit Edmunds and research each vehicle. Find the MSRP as well in the invoice price from the dealer. You can make use of their calculator to determine the amount your monthly payments will be. It’s best to know your credit rating beforehand, so you’ll know which interest rate you’ll get. Now, you’re able to plug in all your numbers, from how much of a down-payment you’ll need to the length of the term and determine the possibility of it being feasible. It’s also possible to go directly to the manufacturer sites to find out if they’ve any special deals going on (offered by the manufacturer, not the dealership) and put those numbers in too.

Options for FINANCING:

Depending on what deals the manufacturer offers, you may wish to finance your car elsewhere and bypass the entire finance department at the dealership. Most of the time they’ll try to charge you a percentage or two more than what you’re really eligible for. They make money on this, so they’ll try their best to raise the rate. If you go to your credit union, or another financial institution beforehand and make an appointment, you’ll be able get the best rate, and also you’ll spend less time at the dealership. When I purchased my previous truck, I used my credit union, and was able to get the rate at 5% less than the dealership offered. That’s a significant difference in your total cost Don’t be fooled by the potential savings you are finding.


If you’re thinking of trading in your old car, the best thing you could do is check the worth of the car through KBB. It is important to search for ‘trade-in value’, NOT ‘selling privately’. And here’s the reason behind this. Whenever you trade a vehicle in at a dealer and the dealer is likely to offer you the least amount possible in order to maximize their profit turn-around. In most states, they are required by law to go through service departments to verify that the vehicle meets minimum state requirements for selling. The dealership is charged for this service therefore they take that into consideration when making an offer to you for the value of the trade-in. In addition, if the vehicle is older than 60K miles, the value will be significantly reduced since the dealership can’t offer any warranty for the car when they try to sell it. In short, it’s likely that the car you trade in will be auctioned off (that’s the process by which those small private car dealerships take their cars) The dealer will not gain any revenue from it. Hence, their absurdly low offer for trade-in.

If you’re looking to get the most money for your old vehicle is to sell it yourself. It’s not as simple as selling it, however you’re likely to receive the highest value for it when you do it yourself. If that’s not something you are looking to tackle and you’re ready to get all the facts about what you could get from the trade, and do not say any words about it to the salesman until AFTER you’ve negotiated your price on the new car. Take the trade-in off the equation to ensure the cost of the new car. It will limit further negotiating’.


Now you’ve all your information gathered and you’ve decided about which car you’ll purchase. You’ve also figured out the best way to obtain your financing as well as the worth of the trade-in. You’re now ready to purchase your new car.

Before you can drive onto the property, you need to have the following decisions made:

Your Down Sum (the MOST you’re willing to make on the car)

Your Monthly Payment (not one cent more)

It’s your Trade-In Price (the least you’re willing to accept)

The Credit Score (if you’re financing via the dealership) Go in and ask for a meeting with the new car (or used car) Sales Manager. Let them know what car you’re looking to buy. Take the car for a second time to make sure that it’s “the one”. When you’ve returned from your trial drive, they’re going to seat you at a desk, and begin the entire negotiation process with what’s called a ‘4-square’. You’ll be asked to enter your information (including you SS numbers). DO NOT fill in the SS number until the moment you’ve secured the deal you’d like. Since the moment you have that number, the salesperson or manager will be able check your credit. If you already know your credit score (which is a must if you’ve done your homework) you don’t have to check it right now. After you’ve finished with filling in your details then they’ll disappear into another office , and begin with their highest numbers. Once they’re back at the table, take the four square out of his hands (he is NOT going to ask you to do this, since it’s his “control” document…they actually teach you this when you’re new to the automobile business!) But, grab the paper and make a note of all the notes they’ve made, replacing each number with your own numbers.

The numbers include the cost of the car as well as the down payment and monthly payment. (the 4th square will be an option for the trade-in which you’re not negotiating just yet)Tell the manager or salesperson to inform them that you’ve made your “final offer’ and you’ve got 45 minutes before leaving the dealership. Make sure to check your watch and take the note on the 4 square. The people who try to convince you that it’s impossible to buy an automobile in just 45 minutes, and I’m here to tell you that you CAN. I’ve done it over dozen times with my friends/family and it is totally possible to buy a vehicle in that amount of time if you’ve done the research and have all of your ducks in a row.

At this point you’re going to be extremely nervous because all the “tactics” will begin to be revealed. DO NOT BE SWAYED. Stay true to your beliefs and tell them that this is it. PERIOD. If you have a boss who’s got half a brain, you’re going to be signing paperwork in 15 minutes or so. If you don’t, follow your plan and LEAVE. If you’re offering a fair offer, they’ll make the deal. If not, you’ll be aware sooner or later. “reasonable” offer I’m talking about is an offer that is above their invoice value (they are allowed to make a profit. It’s the reason they’re in it for! )but not too high that they’re taking your head off in profits. Once they’ve agreed to your offer, THEN you can tell them you’ll be trading in your old car. Don’t be surprised if the offer gets a lot of attention. People are really irritated when people do this. However, don’t believe that you’ll receive the top price on your trades, particularly in the case that you’ve just reached the deal you want. They’re going to make an offer, but it’s u[p to you to decide whether it’s worth it to trade-in or sell yourself.

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